Meet our group of stay at home, co owned, and retired Silkens!
The Silken Windhound ladies
of Talisman Hounds - Ilsa , Ivy, Maya,

and retirees, Anthias, Sazi, Sheba , and Cinder

And the Silken Windhound gentlemen -Dresden, Ronan, Helios,Teddy, Garibaldi and Oz ,

and retirees, Dusty,Caliban, and Gideon,

Talisman Hounds' group of Silken Windhounds are located in Northern California. I breed and show Silken Windhounds exclusively and have been involved with the breed club very intensively for years. Our dogs have won multiple Best in Specialty Show awards, and multiple Best of Breed, and Reserve Best in Show, as well as the coveted Best in Show in all breed shows, both here and in Europe.

Talisman hounds have also been consistantly some of the top performance hounds in the breed, with the first Straight Racing Champion, ( SRC) the first Straight Racing Champion Excellent ( SRCX) , the youngest SRC and SRCX, the first SRCXI, SRCXII, SRCXIII, SRCXIV, SRCXV, SRCXVI, and SRCXVII. The first two SJORC dogs, one of the first lure coursing Ch's in the breed, the top open field dogs in the breed, and dogs in the top 10 racing , lure coursing, open field coursing, and oval track in the country.

The Silken Windhound is now recognized and registered in North America by the UKC ( United Kennel Club). They are also welcome to show at IABCA, and ICKC, and run in lure coursing with ASFA, and NLCC, and open field coursing with NOFCA.

The members of the Silken Windhound club around the world are actively working to ensure that the Silken Windhounds as a breed has a solid, healthy, and diversified genepool to bring into the future. For a great deal more information on the Silken Windhound breed, see the official International Silken Windhound Society site...

Silken Windhounds are not miniature Borzoi, but they resemble that breed more than any other. This picture is of an adult male Borzoi, Ivan, with his diminutive pal, adult male Silken Cinnibar. Most adult Silken Windhounds are about the same size as an average 3 1/2 to 4 month old Borzoi puppies, approximately 19 to 24 inches tall and 20 to 45 lbs. This makes the Silken a very appealing breed to people like me, who want a furry borzoi-like sighthound but don't want the logistical issues presented by a dog that can reach the top of the refrigerator merely by standing on it's hind legs.

Ivan the Borzoi and Cinnibar the Silken Windhound play

Silken Windhounds are commonly mistaken for Saluki. The Silken Windhound is actually quite different physically and mentally from a Saluki, and it is not hard to tell them apart when you have them both together.

Adult Silken males usually are about the same size or smaller than a female Saluki, their ears and body structure are quite different, and in general, most Silkens are much more agreeable about doing what people want them to do than many imperious Saluki. When watching Silkens follow commands from people, I imagine Salukis think that Silken Windhounds as a breed are chumps. After all, the Saluki has managed for millennia using only selective hearing toward the requests of their bipedal servants.

Here are some comparison shots of a Saluki and three Silken Windhounds. From left to right are Silken Windhound Cat, then her father Caliban, and below on the stairs is the lovely Saluki girl Zaari. The second picture is of Zaari again with her Silken Windhound friend Gideon. It is easy to see some of the physical differences in coat and ears between the breeds here .

Cat and Caliban, Silken Windhounds,with Zaarhi the Saluki Gideon  with Saluki pal

Silken Windhounds are also not Whippets. Aside from the fuzz, Silkens tend to be physically larger in general than the Whippet, with a much different head structure, eye set, and attitude than Whippets.

Lance and a Whippet at an AKC show
Caliban with Kaisa the Whippet

Silkens also really like the cold and snow, and many Silkens (we call them swamphounds) actually have a strong liking for water, and enjoy diving in mud, ponds, rivers and oceans with equal fondness. Whippets are notoriously opposed to water, and my Whippet Kaisa will 'hold it' as long as she can to avoid going out to potty when it's raining, miserably cracking the dog door open just a tiny bit occasionally to check the weather. In contrast, the Silkens trot outside and do thier business as if it's a normal day even when it's pouring.

Sazi and Ronan Silken Windhounds play at the beach
Loki and Dita, Silken Windhounds play at the beach

Despite their difference of opinion on water, my gang of hounds regularly agree to romp together. From left to right below are some of our Silkens, and the two other hounds who have lived here at Talisman - Sebastian, Caliban and Sheba, Gideon playing the part of the rabbit on the ground, and bringing up the rear with her trusty squeaky ball, Kaisa the Wonder Whippet.

Talismanhounds playing

As a breeder, I am committed to breeding happy, beautiful, elegant, loving, athletic companion hounds, who can excel in the show ring, racing, agility, oval track, open field coursing, and lure coursing field, as well as being couch buddies, car co-pilots and best pals. Mental and physical soundness and type are always of primary consideration when planning breedings. For me, structure, movement and health are regarded as important as the breed standard stipulation that Silkens be easygoing, loving, people and dog social companions.

puppies at Talisman Hounds
two puppies at Talisman Hounds Sonnet and Cat

Pups here are born and raised in the home, with people and other dogs around twenty four hours a day. I spend a lot of time with my litters, and socialize them a great deal with other people, sights, sounds and smells before they go to their new families. Here are some pictures of the first Silken Windhound litter born at Talisman; you can see more pictures of our pups here.

Two pups at Talisman Hounds , Sonnet and Argus
Two  pups at Talisman Hounds, Sonnet and Abby

Silken Windhounds can participage in a variety of events, from conformation showing, to straight racing, to open field coursing, lure coursing, and oval track! Silkens have also participated in agility, obedience, rally, flyball, freestyle, and therapy work! There is no lack of things to do with your Silken Winhound!

Silken Windhound show

Blaze and owner Cyndi Dell win puppy sweeps at a conformation show

Silken Windhounds ofc

Ronan, Helios, Sazi, and Djinn preparing to set out to open field course

Silken Windhound racing

Sazi and Gideon racing

One of the best things about this breed is their easygoing temperament. This temperament makes it very easy to live with several Silkens of any age all together in the home with no worries. Silken Windhound adults generally adore puppies, and when there is a puppy in the house, many adults will spend a great deal of time playing with them.

Pup and Adult at play, Caliban and Gideon
Daisy and Abby, adult and puppy  at play

The best thing about Silken Windhounds is how much they love their people and want to be with them as much as possible. Most Silkens are grade A cuddlers, and love nothing better than to relax draped around their two legged pals.

Gideon the Silken Windhound pup cuddles

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