Sazi , A Talisman Silken Windhound, show stack

Winner of Best in Specialty Show at the Western Regional Silken Windhound Specialty 07

Under judge Cyndi Dell , Morgandell Borzoi

Picture Dave Mills

Multiple Reserve Best in All Breed Show, Multiple Best in Specialty Show, Multiple
Best of Breed, Nationals Award of Merit winner, ISWS, Rarities, IABCA UCICB American and Canadian Champion
Talisman's Anasazi Sunrise
Coursing Instinct Certified , Straight Racing Champion

One of the top ten racing Silkens of 2007 AND 2008 !

And the third ISWS Dual Ch in the breed!

#5 OFC Silken Windhound of 09-10 season!

Sazi, AKA the “Monster”, is the undisputed brat Queen of Talisman. She’s a running loon, an ardent saltwater swamphound, dog cookie inhaler, expert snuggler, toy aficionado, and tv watcher extraordinaire with a special fondness for nature documentaries. She's full of opinions about the world around her, and has an impish sense of humor

Sazi a Talisman Silken Windhound head profile

Sazi at one year

Her favorite morning ritual is to sneak up, and then pounce on the sole bipedal house male, Arthur, when he is not looking. She will stalk him, trying to be as quiet and sneaky as possible, all the while furiously wagging her tail, and if he manages to see her before she has snuck into her preferred launch position, she dances away to try it again later .

She plays with all the dogs, but her best pal in the family of dogs here at Talisman is her litter brother Ronan, and she can often be seen leading him off into adventure.

Sazi, Loki, and Dita, Talisman Silken WIndhounds playing on the beach of coastal California

Sazi adores being “ the rabbit” when at play with other hounds, as you can see in this pic of her with her brother Loki and her half sister Dita. Like her brother, she prefers high speed play with sighthounds.

She also loves to dance with her favorite people, and will happily hop and prance around the humans she finds most amusing .

Sazi the Talisman Silken Windhound and Rita Seibel of Rarities and her Reserve Best in Show and Best of Breed Best in Group winning picture

Photo John Seibel

Sazi had a really great start to her show career at the age of 9 months at Rarities, with four shows and four judges in a single day. At this show, Sazi got two five pt majors with one Best of Winners towards her Rarities Ch, with a Winners Bitch under well-known AKC Best in Show judge and author of K9 Structure and Anatomy Ed Gilbert ! At her next set of Rarities shows at just over a year in age, Sazi finished her Rarities Ch in the middle of a huge rainstorm by showing her stuff and maintaining her composure even when the wind was howling, rain was pouring, and uprooted , destroyed tents were flying around the ring ! She finshed her Rarities Ch being awarded Winners bitch under AKC judge Mickey Mullen. That same day, at the Rarities Silken Windhound Specialty judged by Rita Seibel, she took Bred By, Winners Bitch, Best of Breed, Best in Group, and went all the way to win Reserve Best in Show !

At her third Rarities/NAKC show, and her first as a Ch, Sazi , showing from Best of Breed class, won two Best of Opposite awards, one under AKC judge Marilyn Dromgoole, with her brother Ronan going Best of Breed in that show, and her second Best of Opposite under Ed Gilbert, who gave her one of her majors towards her Rarities Ch when she was 9 months old.

At her fourth Rarities show weekend in April 07, Sazi was honored by winning multiple Best of Breed awards, getting those honors at the ISWS Specialty as well, and then being awarded her second Reserve Best in Show under judge Jean Zuver , making her Multiple RBIS and BISS , ISWS and Rarities International Champion Talisman's Anasazi Sunrise SRC!

Photo of Sazi showing to her BISS win by Dave Mills

In September of 07 Sazi showed at IABCA for the first time, and got her IABCA UCICB Int Ch!

At our very large Western Regional Specialty " BOOFEST " , showing from the Best of Breed class to judge Cyndi Dell of
MORGANDELL BORZOI, Sazi trotted her way to an amazing BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW win !! From Cyndi Dell's Judges Commentary:

"That left the Best in Specialty award to the lovely high white and gold girl in pristine condition that never let down. Part of her charm was her unflappable attitude and her look you straight in the eye gaze. All was emphasized by her handlers stand back and let her show her self style. Pretty eye, pretty head, lovely outline and sound movement. A beautiful tail carriage topped her appeal. She is a beauty and she simply sparkled on that day. If she ever put a foot wrong. I must have missed it…."

With her Oct 2007 BISS Sazi joins her sister Sony, who won the BISS honors at our 2005 Western Regional Specialty .

Sazi's Award of Merit at the Silken Windhound Nationals 2008 photo Don Kemp

In June of 08, Sazi , showing out of the very large Best of Breed class at the Silken Windhound Nationals, was given an Award Of Merit by FCI judge Roberto Einlen, and she also speeded her way to the #4 out of 38 racers to rack up more points towards her SRCX!

Photo Dave Mills

Sazi started her race career with a bang in Oct 2005, getting top first time entered ( FTE) dog honors in a field of 14 other Silkens and 4 other first time runners, and getting pointed towards her straight racing championship in her first official ISWS race day ! She's since garnered more SRC pts, running in the very competative high point races with her Dad Gideon, and finishing in the coveted Best of Breed and Best of Opposite places, was in the top ten ranked racing Silkens of 2007, and finished her performance title on April 05 , 2008 , making her ISWS, Rarities, IABCA Ch Talisman's Anasazi Sunrise, CIC, SRC, and only the third ISWS Dual ( Breed club show and performance titled ) champion in the breed!

Photo Dave Mills

She really loves to run, and has no problems showing it when she's ahead. This provided photographer Dave Mills a really hysterical photo opprotunity when she decided to hop to one of her wins!

Race Shots by Dave Mills

Sazi is fast, agile, and corners so well that she can actually outmaneuver even her straight racing champion father Gideon when running in the yard.

In July of 2007, Sazi went out to her very first lure coursing event, and got her ISWS equivalent of a JC, a CIC !

Race WIn Photo Silken Nationals 2008 with Racing Director Mike Leach and Race Secretary Bobbie Deis

Photo by Don Kemp

In June of 08 Sazi ran her way past a very large field of Silkens at the Silken Windhound Nationals to come in fourth place behind two other Talisman Hounds! She was also high score Champion at the meet and Best Opp Sex in the race!

OFC judge Sally Barron, Joyce, and Sazi with her number 3 ribbon!

Sazi partook in the first two OFC events for Silken Windhounds, and placed #3 and #5, making her the #5 Silken Windhound in OFC for the 09-10 season!

In September of 09, Sazi gave birth to the Aquatic litter with Dresden! Their kids have gone on to win multiple awards, including Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Reserve Winners Bitch in Specialty Show, Top ranked dogs in the breed in UKC, and some have made significant inroads towards their performance titles!

Sazi the Talisman Silken Windhound trots out on the beach

Sazi takes after her mother in that she will not give her heart to just any person. Her brother Ronan is less discriminating and loves anyone with free hands to pet him. While Sazi is quite friendly with people, she has very firm opinions about who she really loves and has a very long memory for things she finds suspicious. Just like her mother, she is very hard to fool into doing anything twice. Also like her mother, she is not a fan of nail clipping, though her avoidence tactics are much more silly than her mothers are . Sazi is convinced that if she wiggles and twists and grins enough, you will simply stop cutting her nails.

Sazi the Talisman Silken Windhound at play in the water

She has also inherited her mothers insatiable love of any and all food, so it's lucky she also inherited her fathers willingness and ability to run off any excess calories, so any extra food does not show up as extra weight on her. If only we were all so lucky.

Like all of her littermates, Sazi is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of a true canine amphibious lifestyle, and anytime she’s near a body of water, you can count on her to find a way to be in it. She is not as waterlogged as her brother Ronan, but she’s pretty close.
Her favorite place to romp in the whole world is the beach and ocean. She's dazzling to watch, running at top speed over the sand, climbing the cliffs, and leaping through the waves with her favorite playmates.

Ronan and Sazi, brother and sister Talisman Silken WIndhounds at play in the ocean off the California Coastline

When not playing, eating, sleeping, hunting bugs, or kissing her humans or the pack, Sazi can often be seen parked on the couch watching the TV with us.
She’s bored by shows with just people, but is very interested in any beast, and is particularly fond of nature documentaries, especially insect shows, dinosaurs, some cartoons, birds, and of course, anything featuring dogs, which she will comment frequently and loudly about.

Sazi the Talisman Silken Windhound watches tv

Sazi's an incredible girl, who has brought her superb qualities into the next generation with her single litter!

Sazi the Talisman Silken Windhound as a 5 week old puppy

Sazi's Second Page

Sazi's Pedigree


Height : 23 inches

Reg # : 2005-140/03

MDR1: Carrier

CEA: Carrier

OFA Cardio : Normal SWH-CA8/13F/P-PI

OFA Thyroid: Normal SWH-TH6/13F-PI

CERF: Normal SWH-113/2005--11

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