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Silken Windhound Oz

Oz wins Winners Dog, Best Bred By Exhibitor, Western Regional Specialty 2011.

L t R Steve Tradewell, Joyce Chin, Oz, and Judge Paulette De Long

Photo by James Bagby

ISWS Ch, UKC Ch, Talisman Renaissance Osmium

Impishly intelligent, wine country Man about Town, Oz is the comedically suave son of our Ronan and the lovely Kristull Xerox Renaissance !
Oz was born at Renaissance Hounds in Iowa from the co bred Renaissance Talisman "Noble Metals" litter, so he survived an Iowa winter before arriving in sunny California at ten weeks!

Oz in the vinyards

Photo by Steve Tradewell

Oz is a cuddly little guy, who's main goal in life is to be petted by as many people as possible, and greet as many as possible. He's a king snuggler, and is just sure that everyone is his new best pal, canine or human. He's suspicious of cats, but that's probably only because he hasn't met one up close enough to decide about them.

Oz laughing on the beach

Photo by Steve Tradewell

He's an optimist to the extreme, and refuses to accept anything but friendship from people and dogs, and has been known to sneak up and introduce himself by draping himself into unsuspecting peoples laps. Most people handle his socially flopping on people fairly well, which is good, cause we can't convince him that normal greetings are the better way to go.

Oz and "big brother" Helios at Fort Funston

Photo by Joyce Chin

Oz is co owned with us, Linda Sinclair and Steve Tradewell, and makes his home in the incredible wine country of California at Ardent Hounds. We get the packs together at the beach for romps, so Oz can play with his Talisman pals Ilsa , Dresden and Helios!

Silken Windhound Oz

Oz and trots on the beach

pic by Steve Tradewell

Despite his well known preference that he be set loose at a show to greet every human and canine possible, he will actually behave sometimes in the show ring long enough for a judge to notice!

Oz laughing at the proceedings in the show ring at the Western Regional Specialty 2011

Pic by Ed

Showing Oz has been an adventure in negotiation. When he first started showing as an adult, Oz decided that the show ring lacked slapstick humor, ( he may be right ) and that he was the right dog to add that to the event. He experimented with not only going around the whole ring canted sideways with his nose to the ground, giggling the whole way, but also thought it was the height of hilarity to sit and lay down in the ring!

Because of his comedic talent, we decided Oz should be shown by me, and I began showing him at events in 2011. He's now begun to see that fun can be had by playing the "game" together instead of making up his own on the fly!

Oz trots out in the ring at 2011

Pic by Ed

Oz is enough of a jokester in the ring that showing him is a very interactive communications experience, he's a dog I really look forward to taking into the ring, since it's always a new adventure. He's been handled largely by me, but also by Audrey Hsia of Stout Hearted Hounds !

Winning Best Bred By Exhibitor 2011

Pic by Ed

I actually credit Ilsa with teaching Oz something of how to behave in the ring as well as us humans. From her puppyhood, Ilsa has always been what I refer to as a showbot. She LOVES being in the ring, and when she puts a foot wrong in it, it's pretty much my fault. When I started showing Oz and Ilsa in Brace classes in 09, on their very first go round, Ilsa let Oz know in no uncertian terms that he was to BEHAVE when showing with her!

Winning Best Brace in Show 2011 Obedient Oz on the left and Commander Ilsa on the right

Pic by Steve Tradewell

Oz and Ilsa have won three Western Regional Specialty Brace classes thusfar. The object of Brace class is to award the pair most matched in appearance and gait in the ring. To date, they've been the only competitors entered that do not share any parents in common, and are not parent and child combo's. Ilsa, being true to herself, is definitely the canine lead in their brace dance.

Best Brace win pic with judge Paulette De Long. Ilsa on the left, Oz on the right

Oz's very first show Western Regional Specialty "Boofest" 08

with Reserve Winners Dog win under Judge Sally Barron, Barron's Borzoi

Pic by Dave Mills

Oz had an auspicious start to his show career in October of 08 at the Silken Windhounds of California Regional Specialty , showing out of puppy 6 to 9 months to judge Sally Barron of Barron's Borzoi , and just having turned 6 months of age, Oz showed to a Reserve Winners Dog placement!

At the NAKC shows in Jan of 2010, Oz showed in the ISWS Specialty under Ms. Carolyn Alexander, and out of Am Bred class, went Reserve Winners Dog in Specialty Show for the second time! At the NAKC show immediatly after, under Mrs Arlene Grimes he won Winners Dog!

At the Silken WIndhound Nationals in 2011, Oz was awarded #2 placement in Bred By class under judge Pat Murphy of Oaklahara Borzoi!

At the 2011 Western Regional Specialty " Boofest "Oz was awarded both Bred By Exhibitor Dog awards, and for show 2, under judge Paulette De Long, Oz went Winners Dog, and Best Bred By Exhibitor for his Specialty Major!

In 2012 Oz finished his ISWS Ch with two UKC Winners Dog awards in a very competative ring, and a Group 1! He also reprised his Best Bred By award at the 2012 Western Regional Specialty "Boofest" under judge Marianne Klinkowski!

In 2013 Oz finished his UKC Ch in grand style by taking Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Dan Crutchfield. The next day, showing from the Ch class, Oz won Champion of Champions, bested a Gr Ch, and took a Best of Breed and a Group 2!

Oz at 6 months at Kumbaya Hounds

Pic by Joyce Chin

Oz is a well traveled pup , having been concieved in California
born in Iowa, meeting me in Colorado, and driving back to California, all by the time he was 10 wks old!

Oz attempting a snuggle at just a few weeks of age

Pic by Chis Swilley

He shared the car ride out here with his almost-twin litter sister Maya, so both of Ronan's golden kids are Californians!

Silken Windhound race practices

Oz running oval track in 2009!

Pic by Rick Steele

His best pals growing up in the pack here at Talisman were Ilsa , Dresden and Helios ,with Helios being his best tug o war partner, and Ilsa and Dresden being his wrestlemania buddies.

Oz on the run!

Pic by Dave Mills

Unlike his Talisman sibs, Oz has never quite seen the point of luresports, and while he always finishes, he never puts the effort in to win the event. He's the only dog I've ever seen consistantly come running into the finish at straight racing not panting at all!

Helios the Talisman Silken Windhound

Oz and Dresden running on the beach in 2011,

Photo by Steve Tradewell

He'd much prefer to put on his rockets at the beach, where he jets around with the best of them!

Oz on the beach pic by Joyce Chin

Oz on the beach Pic by Steve Tradewell

His policy of making use of any available lap he can find continues even at the beach. He's nestled himself into laps amidst family picnics, and given kisses to fishermen and people sitting on the beach

As an adult, Oz combines the best attributes of both his parents.
and add a few of his very own superlative traits!

Oz the Silken

Oz at 10 weeks!

Pic by Joyce Chin

Oz's Pedigree

DOB : 3/28/2008

ISWS Reg # :2008-222/01

UKC Reg#: A464,708

Height 23 1/2 inches

MDR1: Carrier

CEA: Clear

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