Falkor the Silken Windhound

Falkor in the hills

Our newest and goofiest addition, Teddy and Mayas only Teddy-colored baby from the Dragon litter , co bred with Ardent Hounds is a social, energetic, bouncy, playful, and silly party starter.

Falkor Silken Windhound

Falkor keeping an eye out for bunnies

Falkor's first real lure practice, in slow mo!

Falkor in training!

Falkor Silken Windhound Trot

Falkor trotting out near the cliffs

Silken Windhound Brothers Falkor and Rinjin

Falkor and his best buddy, brother Rinjin

Falkor the Windhound Puppy Stacked

Puppy Stack!

Falkorand Sasha Silken Windhound puppies play with lure

Early lure training with sister Sasha


UKC Reg # A560,455

ISWS Reg # 2012-356/01

CEA: Clear

MDR1: Carrier

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