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Connor is a stunning black and white boy from Tangaloor Silkens' first litter. I think that Connor is everything one could want in a Silken Windhound; he has a truly kind and stellar temperament, is fantastic with children, people, and other dogs, and never has a thought of aggression.
He also has a very striking presence in the ring for his 23 inch size, soundness, substance, type and style, and the powerful movement to match his structure.

Connor has begun to make his mark at the shows, having gotten a Winners Dog under noted AKC Best in Show judge Ed Gilbert, author of K9 Structure and Anatomy, at his first Rarities show outing in 05. At his second weekend of Rarities shows Connor finished his Rarities and ISWS Championships, taking majors in both the Rarities shows and a Winners Dog and Best of Opposite during the ISWS Specialty show under Greyhound breeder and AKC Judge Patricia Gail Burnham, author of Playtraining Your Dog!
Despite his limited exposure to racing, and his insistance on style over strategy, he's also quite a powerful and fast racing dog and really may be one of the fastest Silken runners I've seen.

In 2006 Connor was bred to our Sheba, and a stunning litter of 8 was born on August 30th 2006 ! You can click here to see the puppy pictures!

We kept one of the Mythos babies at home, and we're proud to announce that little Helios, at less than 8 months of age , showed his way to his Rarities Championship! Making his way to Multiple Best Puppy in Show awards , and becoming Rarities International Champion Talisman's Light of Helios


Connor the Silken Windhound play bow

From Emily Olson, Connor's human;

The first steps of infiltration

Yes, I will admit it, Connor and I met in the most cliched and hokey manner possible - while doing laundry. The washer and dryer were right across from the puppy pen separated by a two foot tall board. One day, I was moving a pile of fleece pads from the dryer to the washer. I turned around to find the puppy pen empty except for one black and white puppy. Each day all the puppies would be out playing - the puppy pen would be empty. I would start doing the usual laundry things and the next moment the same pup would be sitting in the pen watching me. So, never one to give up a good opportunity for a chat, I would talk away to the pup as I worked. I should have known right then that I was a goner.

Enlist help of fellow fur buddies - preferably the hot chicks

While I was still in denial, my two female silkens, Daisy and Abby, made their feelings about Connor quite clear. The would keep all the other puppies off the couch and grab Connor by the scruff of the neck and pull him up on the couch to nap with them.

Attitude is everything

From the get go Connor has been one mellow guy. The instructor in our puppy class commented on his laid back nature and used him to get the smaller and more timid puppies in class more comfortable. He has charmed everyone from 18 month old toddlers down to a 4 ounce Pomeranian.

Connor the Silken Windhound And Puppy Ella the Silken WIndhound

Noses-not just for smellin

I’d like to think that some miracle of spontaneous doggie genius led Connor to start acting as my hearing assistance dog but I’m sure it was the more mundane ‘Holy crap, she is gonna kill us all if she burns another pan on the stove.’ - kind of thing. I have some hearing loss (too many concerts as a youngin) and Connor began to, on his own, come get me when things would happen. Now Connor alerts me to the phone ringing, when I leave something on the stove unattended, when the tea kettle whistles, when the flame blows out on the gas stove and the gas is still running or when my hubby is calling for me at the other end of the house. The funny thing is – unlike formally trained alert dogs who respond to noises in a set way – Connor only alerts when it’s obvious I have not noticed the noise. If I get up to get the kettle or answer the phone or call a response to my husband – he does not alert. Connor only alerts me when something is going on and I have not responded to it in some way, which for me works wonderfully, I resisted the idea of getting a trained assistance dog because I didn’t think I could stand to get poked EVERY time the phone rang. And speaking of poking – I would be greatly amiss if I didn’t mention the power of the Pokey Nose. Connor’s favorite thing to do and it is the way he alerts – is to poke quite firmly with his nose. Sometimes I think he has no feeling in the sucker. Alison tells me that his father, Fox, is the original owner of the Pokey Nose so any and all recriminations, accusations and righteous indignation should rightly be aimed there.

Connor the Silken Windhound with Emily and Silken Best Pal Abby

Connor contemplates world domination

Connor’s intelligence made for some fun times when he was a puppy. He loved to figure things out. One day when he was six months old I found him at the dvd player pushing the open/close button just to watch the tray slide in and out. He was never destructive – just very inquisitive. We have since placed key pad locks on all important paperwork, the deed to the house, wills, etc. and heaven help us if he ever figures out a way to develop opposable thumbs.

Could he be Gandhi in a furry suit?

Above all, Connor is a generous guy. When I brought rawhides home from the store an odd thing happened. I gave each dog one rawhide thinking they would do what they usually do – go find a nice corner and chew. But five minutes later, after handing out the first round of rawhides, Connor was back with no rawhide and requesting more. I shrugged it off and gave him another. Again he returned with no rawhide and asking for another. Worried that one of the other dogs was stealing Connor’s rawhide I followed him out to see what was what. He ran into the living room and dropped the rawhide at Abby’s feet and ran back to me. The next one went to Daisy. I gave him another and he ran off into the bedroom to drop the rawhide at the feet of my old Australian shepherd, Bubba. Curious about how this would play out, I kept giving Connor rawhides and only after Bubba, Daisy and Abby each had a small pile of rawhides did Connor keep one for himself. I am still trying to decide if this was true generosity or the beginnings of career in politics. Only time will tell.

Connor the Silken Windhound show win pic with Patricia Gail Burnham and Emily Olson ISWS Champion

Why run straight when you can run in style??

In the two times I have taken Connor to performance events it was eventful. The first one he ran a bit then veered off to get cuddles from the line judges. Appalling yes, but since he was 12 weeks old – I blame the judges.

The next time went a bit better but he found a hill off to the side of the track which he found was really fun to launch off of – ‘cause who doesn’t love hanging ten? The amazing thing is that even with this extensive detour he rejoined the racing dogs and was almost even with the leader when they crossed the finish line.

I have every faith that next time after a harsh lecture littered with such pithy phrases as “keep on the straight and narrow” and “stay the course” and “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” he will become the racing king.

The next generation

Now that Connor has two championships under his belt (ISWS and Rarities), and a promising start to a career in racing, and a successful job as an alert dog, he has moved on to Don Juan extraordinaire. Will the legacy of the Pokey Nose continue? Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Connor the Silken Windhound ISWRA races

Connor's Pedigree

Reg # 2002-89/05

Height : 23 1/2 inches

MDR1: Carrier

CERF: Normal SWH-126/2006--53

OFA Cardio : Normal SWH-CA28/53M/P-PI

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