Argus - Title

Cat, AKA Kitty, AKA Kitten Kaboodle, is a sweet, loving, affectionate young lady who is a true joy to be around. As a puppy she was the first to tug on everyones shoelaces, and the ringleader in all the puppy games. She has not changed a lot since then and has grown into a really social, playful adult. She is trained to sniff out cancer cells in humans.
She currently resides, along with a menagerie of other dogs, with her owners Kirk and Shelley in South Africa!

Cat's Stats

Height : 21 inches

Color : Black Saddled black brindle parti

Occupation : In addition to being the first Silken Windhound trained to detect Cancer in humans, Cat is the official Bed Warmer and Activities Overseer in her household of dog trainers and dogs. She also takes her job on kitchen counter patrol very seriously.

Special Skills: Opening bolted doors and gates, power whining, being disturbingly intelligent.

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